Lime Chiffon Pie

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on March 18, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day is many things.  It can be a day to celebrate luck.  To have potatoes, Irish soda bread, or other things that represent Ireland.  It can be a green-covered day.  But that isn’t what St. Patrick’s Day is to me.  In fact, it is my brother’s birthday.  Which means that he is even more excited about all things green.  Especially around this time.  So I made a green-flavoured pie.  A lime chiffon pie.

Lime Chiffon Slice

Lime chiffon.  Think key lime pie.  Think meringue (as in lemon meringue pie).  Now fluff the two of those together into one pillow of lime.  Slightly tart, with a flawless structure from egg whites, it is undoubtably one of my favourite pies I’ve ever made.  You just have to do a bit of waiting.  But once your pie crust is baked, you can turn off the oven and whip the pie together (in the most literal sense!), with the fridge doing most of the work.

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Lime Chiffon Pie
Before chilling.  It pretty much doesn’t move as it chills.  Just becomes a little bit more solid.  We wouldn’t want it to float away on us, you know!

Lime Chiffon

The clean cut!  I think it cuts cleaner than most pies.  It’s meringue-ish, mousse-ish, and completely totally delicious.  Very light.  Quite easy to eat a lot without feeling that heaviness in your stomach.
Lime Chiffon Fork
Don’t lie.  It’s begging for you to take a bite.
Happy Birthday little (sort of.  Stop growing already) Brother!  I made this just for you – it’s lime (and lemon!) and green.  You rock and I love you.
Today was the first day in a long time that I’ve been hit by the lightheaded overtired train.  Maybe it was the time change, the screwed up sleep schedule, the colds and sore throats that have been going around, the fact that this whole semester I have not missed a day.  Did you hear that?  I only missed one day (today) in this whole semester.  Last year, that number was much more.  Too many more.  I had to switch out of phys ed because I couldn’t do the exercise.  I’ve also figured out something very important about exercise and my body: I can’t just stop.  I have to very gradually stop.  So gradually that you barely notice I’m slowing down.  Otherwise it’s insta-dizzy.  And I can’t feel my arms.  Well, my arms don’t feel solid.  It’s an inexplicable phenomenon.  But I can recognize it.  That means that I can stop it.  Funny how that works.
Anyways, I hope everyone has an absolutely amazing week!

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