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by Lauren | Celiac Teen on December 6, 2010

I… I wish I knew what I wanted to say here. It’s been awhile, to say the least. I’ve been sick. We don’t exactly know what this “sick” is at this point. The cold and sinus infection are out of my system. Now, I’m just doing my best. Each day is a little better, but I’ve missed more school than I can wrap my head around. I’ve dropped most of my classes, which has been a beautiful relief but also tinged with sadness and confusion which my straight-A student brain can’t seem to fully comprehend. So… that’s where I am right now. All of this has meant that baking hasn’t been happening. At least not much, and very rarely by me.

A week ago, I baked for the first time in nearly a month; I sat down a lot, I struggled, I went slow, but I did it. It was perfect. These blondies were fantastically simple. They were exactly what I needed. Even though my appetite has been missing for the greater part of the last month, I wanted more of these. In fact, I still do.

It’s funny how the world changes when you’re sick. You see, I haven’t been to school in quite some time, so that whole human interaction thing? It’s most often limited to those that are in my house. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but I miss my friends. I miss the laughs, the randomness and the simple friendship. Some have stopped by, and some will soon *hint, hint*. For the most part though? I’ve been floating through the days. Mostly fuzzy, often exhausted, but needing some connection. Something to keep me in the loop, of something. That’s where twitter‘s magic lies.

You see, any time of day you can log on. I get to watch conversations about anything and everything that those I follow are chatting about. I know it’s not the same thing, but the people on the other end of those computers are certainly real (well… in most circumstances!), and they’ve been a lifesaver these past few months. Hearing about the everyday beauty, heartbreak and food (it’s always about the food ;) ) that they’re enjoying removes some of that disconnect. I get to share the little things that made my day beautiful. We get to feel the love, and make friends. I know that most people that aren’t active on twitter don’t really “get” it, but honestly? It’s a way to connect, and these are real people, real friends. It’s not just random, pointless things. Sure, it can be, but it’s primarily community. This place to connect with people all over the world. From friends to acquaintances to random people to mixtures of all three. It’s a beautiful thing. And sometimes? It’s exactly what you need. In fact, these blondies were born on twitter, with a nudge from Gwendolyn Richards.

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Enjoy these! And everything else you’re doing. I hope you’re smiling through your days. I am.


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