Rice & Shine

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on January 8, 2009

is a funny name for hot cereal.  Thats okay, because I think it tastes awesome =D.  It’s my favorite alternative to oats (which on occasion, I do eat the certified GF variety).  Rice and Shine is made by Arrowhead Mills and it’s made from rice and really good.

With that said, it is the basis of my awesome cereal creation.  Ok, so it may not look breathtaking or anything, but it’s cereal, and it’s hot and I like it =D.
First, you need Peanut Butter.  Whatever is your favourite kind.  This happens to be mine right now.  It’s amazing =D

Also, you need a bowl of freshly cooked Rice & Shine (just follow the directions on the box).
Then, if you want to add an extra yet subtle dimension to the cereal, add a tiny bit of vanilla, and you mix it all up.
Then you add the Peanut Butter, I just take a spoonful, but I think that 2 tbsp is a serving =D.
Then you mix it all up, and eat it!

Note: I find it best with a tall glass of milk, as Peanut Butter can sometimes be a tad rich in your mouth.  Any drink would work, but the milk washes it down beautifully.
Note #2: If you find the cereal a bit umm not sweet? you can always add some brown sugar, it’s nice in it too =D.
So thats about all for this,
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