Here Comes Spring! (and Summer too)

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on May 2, 2009

I am so excited for summer to come.  We’ve got a month or two more left of school, and then summer vacation =D.  Yes, I’ve got exams, but who doesn’t?  Also summer means relaxing, going with the flow and vacation.  The vacation part doesn’t have to mean that we go anywhere, but it is always fun when we do.  

Spring also means the start up of some sports, and the ending of hockey – only one Canadian team left in the playoffs???  It means the reintroduction of skirts and shorts and most importantly, sun.  Warm bright blue skies, and the sun not going down until long after dinner.  Spring is a beautiful time, and I am very glad that it is here, and summer is coming soon =D.  

Also, spring and summer mean luscious fresh fruit.  Just plain juicy fruit that doesn’t need anything special.  It’s fun to add little things, but it’s nice when they are so fresh and perfect that that aspect isn’t necessary.  Strawberries are in my house at the moment.  We have them plain, with cream, with sugar dissolved on top, or my dad’s recipe of sour cream and brown sugar mixed together and poured on top (yogurt works fine too).  That is one of my favourite ways, and then you get to lick the bowl as well =D.  Haha, I remember when that was always the highlight of any bowl with sugar on it.  So maybe that hasn’t completely changed, but now a spoon works too!  
I’m hoping that this summer brings good things, but the swine flu or H1N1 like we’re supposed to call it, kinda freaks me out.  I’m sure that nothing will happen, but its the fact that my immune system isn’t quite 100%, worries me a bit.  I’m just going to be careful and not take any chances (not that I do anyways with the gluten issue).
I have lots of things on the horizon at the moment, school-related, blog-related and me-related.  With the summer, and the warm weather, it’s all going to be great =D.
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