Simple Solution…Salads!

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on May 17, 2008

Woah…this is my 25th post. Maybe not in 25 days, but 28, so I guess its pretty close. Anyways… Today I have some very awesome salads. My simple solution to a hungry stomach at lunch on the weekend. Ok, so maybe that doesn’t sound so simple, but a nice light salad has become my go to meal when I’m hungry on the weekend. Also, lately we’ve been eating spinach more than any other leafy green (or whatever you call that part of the salad)…but I’m sure that either of these would be fine with lettuce, or whatever you have on hand, after all, salads are all about being uniquely your self, so feel free to change absolutely any part of these salads to make them purely your own. With that said…here are my 2 most recent salad mixtures.

1. Almond Carrot Cheese Salad. There you go. Its all in the name.

For this one, I pretty much just cut up some cheddar and a carrot then tossed in a handful of slivered almonds.

2. Avocado Red Pepper Salad. Once again, all in the name.

Today I made this one. We happened to have bought a packof avocados, so I put half of one in here, then Mom got red pepper for kabobs.
For me at least, salads are all about eating the fresh foods in your fridge. They are about who we are and which vegetables we like. No, neither of these salads have dressings, but for me, the point of a salad is to combine all sorts of fruit, vegetable, leaf-type, cheese, and nut related items that bring out the best parts in each other. I never said I was very good at it.

Anyways, have fun experimenting with your salads,


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