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by Lauren | Celiac Teen on June 13, 2008

So yesterday, Rachel of The Crispy Cook (formerly Wheat-Free, Meat-Free, same URL, different name)… Anyways, Rachel made a list.  Not just any list, but THE list of Gluten-Free Bloggers.  And guess what.  I bet the suspense is killing you.  Yeah, it is.  Ok, ok, Rachel (shockingly) included me on that list, and I didn’t even ask her to.  I know.  I’m awe-struck too.  Haha.  I’m glad it wasn’t an award or anything, then I would be really freaked out, for most of the time, I am positive no one reads this on a regular basis.  If you do, then thanks.  It means a lot.  I know I say that often, but its true.  I use this as a semi-journal type blog, that if you actually take the time to read, wow.  I know I sound like a little dear in the headlights, and sometimes I am, isn’t everyone?!  

So, as I was saying, Rachel’s list is amazing.  And Rachel (if by chance you are reading this) Thank you.  I know that I have only been up for a few months, definitely far from being established, so it means a lot to be included in a huge list of amazing bloggers that I look up to.  What some of them/you can do with flours and sugars or no flours and sugars, yeah wow.  I am still new at this game.  What I think about fashion, well that I know, it’s not something I have to experiment tooo much with.  Flours and recipes and posting about flours and recipes gets me confused.  I prefer to watch my failures in the comfort of my own home, which is exactly why my recipe posts (sorry) are few and far between.  By the way.  If any one of you EVER try one of my posted recipes, please tell me how it goes, by post or comment or email or whatever (so far I haven’t truly thought up any of them.  Thank you books!!).  Oh, and I will definitely try to actually create (from scratch, recipe-less) something.  I don’t know what yet, but something…

Anyways, enjoy Rachel’s great list,
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