Not so Great = Me.

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on June 29, 2008

Note: My Daring Bakers Challenge is posted below!

Ahh… I’m so glad that I finally got to post that Daring Baker’s challenge.  You see, I made it for Father’s Day, and right now, with school out and exams done, that feels like forever ago.  Now I just have to wait for the next challenge to be issued, my sore throat to go away, and um… my real vacation (when I go away) to start.  I’m so excited.  So many trips, so little time.  OK, now I’m sounding spoiled.  Sorry.  I am doing regular stuff too.  I’m taking a course, looking after a neighbor’s house, and hanging out with my awesome friends.  Hehe.  Oh, and of course, I will be blogging (as regularly as possible, it will be hard while I’m away).  

Anyways, right now I am trying to get rid of a sore throat.  So far, I’ve been drinking hot water with lemon and honey.  I also took some medicine to reduce the inflammation.  Also, I have been avoiding talking, as it makes my throat hurt more than breathing (which also hurts).  I guess I can’t win.  Boo hoo.

I hope to get better soon,
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