New & Improved

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on August 29, 2008

No, it’s not my blog.  It’s still the same.  Not that it’s only one thing each time…  Anyways, New & Improved.  In normal world, it’s just a line they use to make a product seem better.  In the gluten free world, it usually is New & Improved.  When they improve a gluten free recipe, it tends to change quite a lot.  For the better.  The taste will often become less grainy, more flavorful and more like your memory of (the wheat version of) whatever the product is.  

With that said, if you see New & Improved on pretty much any gluten free product, chances are it’s better.  And, if you are willing to, you should try it.  After all, it could bring back memories of Christmas or Saturday Mornings or Grandma or anything.  Or it could just be good.  However, if the product is just not quite there yet for you, I’d just be glad that you didn’t have it’s former incarnation.  Because, chances are, that it was worse before.  

Anyways, at least consider this the next time you see New & Improved on a Gluten Free product.
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