by Lauren | Celiac Teen on July 6, 2008

Wow.  I feel so bad (in many ways).  Who would have thought that when I was at school for many hours a day, and had to study and do homework, that I would be more consistent than when I have no school, and a pretty much blank day.  I don’t get it.

Anyways, yesterday I crashed.  I think that I ate a tad bit of gluten the day before.  I took a few of my brother’s fries, before realizing that the place he got them from also served onion rings.  Yeah.  At least they were good fries.  The end result was real bad though.  I had a horrid headache (much worse than the ones I get regularly), and my stomach was just as bad.  Yuck.  I could barely stand up, and I was dizzy.  At least once I ate my dinner, it got a little less painful.  Anyways, today I am hoping to just get back to normal and maybe hang out with some friends.

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