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Gluten-Free Pierogi

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on August 14, 2010

Oh yes.  Gluten-free pierogi.  This recipe was so well-loved by my family that I made it twice in 3 days.  I rolled some thicker, some thinner, and it all went together flawlessly.  The taste was even better.  Everyone enjoyed them and my brother’s voice fell in the way only a fourteen-year-old boy’s can when I told him that no, there were no more.

I’ve made them just about every way. Make and boil right away, save leftover boiled ones in the fridge, panfry leftovers, microwave leftovers, or even freeze just-made ones and boil from frozen. It all worked. It all worked beautifully. I don’t think there was a way that I preferred. Everything was comforting and pleasing.

The August 2010 Daring Cooks’ Challenge was hosted by LizG of Bits n’ Bites and Anula of Anula’s Kitchen. They chose to challenge Daring Cooks to make pierogi from scratch and an optional challenge to provide one filling that best represents their locale.

I made a basic dough and filled almost all of them with a ricotta mixture. It was the perfect filling for my family and I. Mom loved every bite and Dad even declared “Pierogi Madness”. Yup. These ones did it. They’re here to stay. Thank you so much to Liz and Anula for introducing them!

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I adored this dough. I could work with it all day (or at least until it was time to eat :) ).

So simple. Lots of rolling and lots of cutting of circles, but that simply made it more and more fun.

When they were formed, they looked like this. I wish I had a bowl of these in front of me right now, because that would mean that a meal of them would be only 5 (okay, maybe 8, including cooling time) minutes away.

The boiled beauties. I need to make these often, or possibly teach my brother. With an end result like this, I know he could be game (at least more likely than many other things!).

With the few that were leftover, I panfried some for a second meal. Top with some sour cream and good cheese and you’re golden. These were fantastic.

Now, before I say goodbye today, I would like to invite you to something (short notice, yes – I’m sorry for that). On Monday, I will be sharing my worst kitchen disasters. Those that we like to forget about. Those that help us learn the most. Those that were so incredibly bad that we ended up laughing because of how bad they were. Do you have those too? I thought so :). What I’m asking is simple: post about it on monday. Maybe it’s a few paragraphs, maybe it’s a few photos, maybe you dismissed it before any photos could be taken. Whatever the case, I can’t wait to see you back here then. I’ll link to all of the submissions, so we can all laugh and learn together!


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