Comfort Bowl

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on January 20, 2010

Sometimes you don’t need a recipe.  Sometimes its more about the comfort, the taste, the feeling of a dish.  The ease of cooking it, the individuality you can infuse.  This recipe is a guideline, a jumping off point, an idea.


Every night, at that witching hour just as dinner is being made, we have a bowl of raw veggies.  Cucumbers, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, whatever is on hand.  It satisfies that immediate hunger, makes sure we get our veggies, and gets us all together before dinner.

On nights when people are running out the door to one thing or another or doing an activity all night, we each make our own dinners.  Little ones, often omelettes.

One of those nights, I wanted something different.  Something that had a starch and protein and veggies.  So I made this.  It is simple, wonderful and yummy.

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Comfort Bowl
1 potato (about the size of your fist)
1 egg
Handful of spinach

1. Prick your potato with a fork.  Microwave using the baked potato function of your microwave.  Place baked potato in serving bowl and cut open.
2. Heat a pan over medium heat.  Melt a bit (teaspoon or so) of butter.  When melted, add in the egg.  Cook in your desired method until done. Place on top of your potato.
3. Using the same pan, melt in a tablespoon or so of butter.  Add a handful of spinach and wilt.  Place on top of the egg.
4. If you wish, sprinkle with cheese.
5. Enjoy!

Note: I used a potato that was very creamy, with a thin skin.
Note #2: This is a light meal so if you wish, make two eggs or add more spinach or other veggies.  You can pretty much do anything with it =D.

My baked potato with just enough firmness to anchor the dish, but light enough to not weigh you down.

I broke the yolk.  Sometimes you gotta live on the edge.


Wilted like a past due flower that regenerates into something more wonderful than before.  Butter adds a quiet magic.  But olive oil would add a sizzling magic.  Pick your poison.

Slowly watch the granules of parmesan or romano cheese cover the surface of the greens, like a snowfall onto the mountain about to enter your belly.
Just a little note:  As you may know, I am creating an ebook comprised of recipes that make the blogosphere feel at home.  All our recipes will come together to create an ebook.  When the ebook is all done, you will be able to purchase it and the donations will be sent for Haiti relief.

If you are a blogger, send me your most-loved, most-made recipe that makes you feel at home.  It doesn’t matter what type of recipe it is, or whether it is gluten-free or not.  Please send them to mail (at) celiacteen (dot) com {replacing the (at) and (dot) with applicable characters, of course =D}.  Please also include a photo!  Send ’em by January 24th, and then I will put the ebook together and hopefully get it out quickly for sale!  You can find out more here.

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted recipes – they all look fantastic!!

The wonderful Julie from Dinner With Julie has also asked me to participate in the Blog Aid cookbook to raise money for Haiti (Dude.  I’m getting published.  How do I feel about this? like a 12 year old girl at a hannah montana concert.  Yeah, that about sums it up.  I also feel privileged to be able to do more to raise money for Haiti.)  I’ll have a button up on the sidebar –> showing where you can purchase it, as soon as that is available.  I’m testing recipes as I type!

I’m actually very excited (and nervous!) about both of these endeavors.  If you don’t see much from me, that would be why =D.  However, there is a very special post coming on the 27th, so if nothing else, I will see you then (in blog form – I’ll probably be tweeting my way through everything else!).

Thank you all for everything you do, even if you just stop by for a minute every once in awhile =D.


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Alexandra June 2, 2010 at 6:40 pm

This was so simple, yet awesome! I’m dairy-free, so I added a little nutritional yeast on top instead of cheese and a splash of tabasco. Mmmm.

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