2010: Looking Forward

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on January 2, 2010

This past decade was my first full decade.  It is a decade I will remember (for better or worse) and the decade where I grew up (literally and figuratively).  Now why am I telling you this?  Because the next decade is going to be even better.  Much better than these past few years.  Although I’m completely incapable of planning what I will be doing in 10 years (I still have to decide what I want to take in University, after all), I can look at 2010.

2010.  Twenty-ten.  That word has been rolling off my tongue for quite some time.  For the most part 2010 has meant the Olympics.  The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.  I may not be in Vancouver, but I sure am excited.  The Olympics are in Canada.  They are coming here.  It’s exciting isn’t it?

Now, 2010 has more meaning.  It’s not just a far off Olympics, but a time where things are happening.  It is here, after all!

2010 marks the 2nd year I’ve been gluten free (end of January) and the 2nd year I’ve been blogging (April!!).

2010 will have more and more recipes!  Lots are in the works and I cannot wait to share.  Not to mention all the ones that have yet to enter my head =D.

In 2010, I will take a photo every day.  Some you will get to see, but others will be just for me.  I want to see the evolution in pictures of this year.  At the end of 2010, I will have a book (or folder on the laptop) of photos.  What I am aiming for is a photo to represent the day.  Maybe it’s thought out, but maybe its the simplicity of a moment.  Maybe its food (I think I’ll share those ;D), maybe its people, maybe its a place.

In 2010, I am rebuilding my stamina and increasing my exercise.  I am participating in the Ten in 10 challenge for the first 10 weeks of the year and will continue on much after that.  On a weekly basis, I am hoping to participate in Seth’s Primal Stride Challenge.  Each week there will be a new challenge to keep things fresh, with 2 parts.  One part will be exercise based and one will be health/lifestyle based. This week is the 5 at 5 challenge (5k at 5 am).  We are allowed to modify, so I will make them fit me.  This one I won’t be doing the 5 am part (Mom nixed that idea in an instant – I’m still growing [I think!]), and instead of 5 k, I’m going to do 3 k.  Today in fact, I went for a snowshoe!

There is so much that 2010 will bring, I cannot imagine that extent.  I wish you all the best.  It is going to be a fantastic year.


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