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by Lauren | Celiac Teen on August 3, 2009

As you may have noticed, the past few posts on this blog have consisted mostly of Daring Challenges and thats about it.  As odd as it may sound, my main reason for this is that I am the healthiest I have been in a very very very long time.  

Seriously, salt pills have been a godsent, even if it did take awhile for my system to get used to them.  I have energy now, like real energy.  I’ve gone for bike rides, taken the dog out for longish walks and mowed the lawn.  I know that those don’t sound like huge feats, but they kind of are.  At least they have become a step in the right direction.  I will be healthy again.  A month ago, I didn’t quite believe that, but what a difference a month has made.  When I was visiting with my family, I played with my cousins, just like I always had, and if a day was spent sitting all day, I jumped at the chance to go to the grocery store to buy whatever.  While one of my cousins was running (triathlon prep), I was thrilled to be around these people I see once a year, but looking for more moderate exercise, so we went for a walk up the hill – until the rain threatened, but that was fun in itself, except for the fact that my dad’s really nice digital SLR was around my neck, but we beat the rain back to the cottage =D.  
Another thing I have been lately is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.  I’ve increased my positive attitude.  Everything will be okay.  Plus, whats the point of creating sadness or disappointment, when you can be happy instead.  I’m not ignoring problems and whatnot, just being more positive about them.  I don’t want to let what-ifs and bad things take over my life, so I smile, and enjoy my own company.  If I feel good all on my own, then having others around to enjoy is simply a bonus.  I make mini-plans (it is summer after all!), and look for silver linings.  I don’t downplay problems or troubles, simply figure them out and move on to happier, better things.

Have an awesome day,
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