Poached Eggs – Gluten Free & Super Simple

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on October 24, 2009

I’ve always loved poached eggs. On those nights when we did’t have a sit-down family dinner, and mom wanted comfort food, this was what we ate. This is what I eat. We have a little electric poacher that my mom got at a garage sale 30 years ago, that works like a charm. I love that little poacher. It does exactly what its supposed to do, and nothing more.
This past year, my dad bought my mom a pan poacher. Its all fancy and wonderful, and although I have a soft spot for the old one, this can do more eggs at once. 6 vs. 4. Not that much of a difference, but the pan is also fantastic. I really like that pan.

Anyways, back to the eggs. There are a few ways I love my eggs – poached, omelette, and quiche. I used to like them Sunny Side Up, and scrambled is fun, but those 3 ways epitomize comfort. They just feel good. Tasty, filling and warm. Perfect.
And, when it comes to poached eggs, using a machine is the way to go. Sure, you can do it in the water, but the ease of a poacher or a poaching pan makes it an everyday meal.
To make it extraordinary, there is only one route. Yes. You know where I’m going. I’m talking about Eggs Benedict. Mmm. The warm hollandaise sauce, dripping over the perfectly poached egg. Silently seeping into the toasted English muffin, carefully encompassing the Canadian back bacon. Then, your knife slips through all the layers, and the dish climbs on your fork and into your mouth.
That is good Eggs Benedict. This is good Eggs Benedict.
Simple steps too.
1. Toast your English Muffin. I love the Kinnikinnick ones, but go ahead and use any other ones.
2. Start your Hollandaise sauce. We used this sauce mix, but one from scratch would be dreamy.
3. Fry your bacon.
4. Poach your eggs, using your desired method.
5. Place bacon on English muffin. Place egg on top of bacon. Pour Hollandaise sauce on top.
6. Savour every bite.
Pop ’em in the pan, and watch!
Cook! Cook! Cook!
Oh – hello there bacon =D.
All done!
There you go! Personally, I love poached eggs for dinner, but they are an every meal meal. No matter what the time, they fit in flawlessly. This post is linked to Slightly Indulgent Mondays, where you can win a subscription in the giveaway this week! [update: Its also linked to What Can I Eat Thats Gluten Free?]
Enjoy your eggs,
PS – My little brother made the Eggs Benedict above – He’s becoming quite the little cook if I do say so myself.
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