Happy New Year!

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on January 3, 2009

Ok, so maybe I’m a little late, but better late than never =D!  2009, I can barely believe it.  I was just getting used to 2008.  Oh well, I guess that time flies when you aren’t lying on a couch all day =D.  

So, with the New Year comes new resolutions.  Most of the time, creating them just sets us up for failure.  That is why I like to only create resolutions for things that the past year has built up to.  Don’t make it about something that you will never do, or you’ll never do it.  So, my resolution is *big surprise!* To get into shape.  Again.  
I just want to be healthier, and getting fit will make me more energetic, and more fit.  And, with any luck, it will give me more lung capacity (with asthma running in may family, and the pneumonia that started my snowball of health problems, it would be a very good thing).  

Also, I know that simply saying that I want to do this or that is not going to get me anywhere.  I know I can, and I have the opportunities to do so.  From gym class to actually working out, I can do this.  And, of course, to keep me relaxed and to balance this all out, I am continuing Pilates.  That’s my basic plan for me this year.  What are your resolutions?
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