Getting Back into Things

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on September 10, 2009

School, yes its that time of year again. The time of reuniting with friends, getting new clothes, and of course, getting boatloads of homework. So, maybe that last part isn’t true for everyone, but in high school, (and beyond), there is homework from day one. Not hard stuff, but its there.
Although the first-week tiredness has already come in to play, its in a normal, not extreme way. You have no idea how wonderful it is to say that. Yes, I take medication during school, but other than that, I’m just like anyone else. I go to class, I do my work, I don’t have to worry about how many stairs I have to do, or when I have to stand up next, or if I’m going to make it through my next class, let alone the current one.

I actually have time to think, bake, do my work and enjoy my friends. My entire day isn’t focused on making it through the day. I made it. I am here, and I am back. I may not be in perfect health, but its as close as its been in a very very long time.
So, with that said, I am loving converting recipes! Seriously, its so much fun. Especially when you get an unexpected outcome – something better than you envisioned. Speaking of, this week, I was featured for the first time. Amy, the sweetheart behind Simply Sugar and Gluten Free chose me as her featured blogger/recipe, for the inaugural Slightly Indulgent Mondays. Not only is it awesome to be featured, but its pretty exciting to be the first person ever. So, thank you Amy =D.
Speaking of thank yous, I’d like to say thanks to Angela of Isolated Foodie, for giving me the Kreativ Blogger award! Part of this award is telling you 7 things about myself. Here goes…
1. I love to read, and am reading my way through the classics at the moment.
2. Currently, I’m reading Anna Karenina.
3. I have a 101 in 1001 list.
4. I love writing letters, but rarely do.
5. I love post-it notes, and write on many each day. Notes to self, thoughts, quotes, anything!
6. Comments (and emails) always make my day. The second I see one in my inbox, a smile bursts across my face =D.
7. Daily, I read about 250 blogs, from food to fashion and lots inbetween. Its how I relax, and how I stay up to date with everything.
Next, I get to pass this on to 7 other bloggers, so here’s to you guys!!
1. Valerie of The Chocolate Bunny
2. Megan of Feasting On Art
4. Sea of Book of Yum
5. Mer of SwimBakeRun
6. Elra of Elra’s Baking
7. You!
Have an awesome day!!
PS – Today is 09.09.09 How cool is that?
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