Daring Cooks: Vegan Dosas

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on September 14, 2009

So… What are the chances? Only 2 weeks apart, and there are Dobos and Dosas. I was a little confused, but since both were totally awesome, it’s a non-issue =D. In fact, I made both challenges within a week of each other. Okay, I actually made all three challenges within a week and a half, but thats what summer is for! Or what it was…
This challenge, Hosted by Debyi of Healthy Vegan Kitchen, was not only to make dosas, but to make vegan ones. I really enjoyed it. It was delicious and full of amazing indian flavours. Definitely one for the books. And, its hearty and protein packed. My dad said that he woke up full the next morning from these =D.

Time for pictures!
It all starts with a bowl of spice…
That gets mixed in with a couple of other things…
And before you know it, there is a beautiful, fragrant, bubbling sauce simmering away.
For the filling – You’ll need a ton of chickpeas. All mashed up!
Almost mixed together…
The dosa pancakes. Don’t get me started. These are not exactly simple, and took forever. I’m not saying not to try them, just be patient =D.
Anyways, here is the Curried Garbanzo Bean Filling. It is soooo good!
All together, its delicious!
The next day for lunch, I heated up some leftovers, and tried a different dosa recipe.
These ones were made with oil, and I’ve got to say that Debyi’s recipe is much better, even though both were a little bit frustrating to me.
Besides the final dosa pancake recipe, I used all of the challenge recipes (replaced the spelt of course), and I’m so glad I did! They are delicious – I hope you enjoy them!
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