Daring Cooks: Rice with Artichokes, Mushrooms and Shrimp

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on August 14, 2009

For this challenge I waited until almost the end to do it, just not on purpose.  I was going to make it at my cabin, but that never quite materialized as I was on vacation and relaxing.  However, once I got back home, I knew I had to make this dish.  It sounded so interesting, and I had the time to spare, being summer and all.  So I made it, and yum.  I say try it, it’s good.  A bit milder than expected, but with the Allioli on top, its got some kick and well, its yummy.  Thats all I can say about it.  My brother said it would be an awesome winter dish, and I completely agree, as it has a heartiness to it without being heavy.  He also complained about the mushrooms, but he ate every bite, so that problem solved itself =D.

This wonderful challenge was hosted by Olga, so thank you Olga for introducing me to this dish by Jose Andres!

And now… To the pictures!!

First up – Sofregit, and lots of veggies to cut up!
Not to mention the garlic.  Can’t forget about it.
All cut up.  Be careful with the onions…  You don’t want to cry or anything…
Since it’s obviously lunchtime when you’re making this, take a spoonful of the veggies from the pan, cook them quicker over a higher heat, with some butter.  Add in a couple of handfuls of spinach, and once wilted, add the egg(s).  Cook how you like your omlettes, add some cheese (I like La Vache Qui Rit – aka – Laughing Cow), flip and serve =D.
Yum!  Perfect!
Cook! Cook! Cook!  Get a good book, this’ll take awhile…
Then it’ll look all gorgeous and fragrant like this, with soft veggies.
A couple of hours later, when dinner was on the horizon, I made the Allioli.  I used a recipe from Everyday Grain-Free Gourmet, which had some extra flavours, like dijon mustard, in addition to the typical ones in this garlic sauce.  
Then, I got ready to make our actual dinner.  Starting with the mushrooms.
I chopped them up, as well as the artichokes (background)
And let them cook for a little while.
Then I got out the wine my mom had put aside.  I only ended up using half, so she got to finish it off.
Then, it was time to get ready for the rice – I used aborio.
Don’t touch it!!  Just watch.  And smell.  Mmmm…
Gotta love the steam =D.
Almost ready…
Grab the shrimp and eat!
In the last few weeks of the summer, my mom decided to get both my brother and I to cook dinner once a week, and possibly carry it on into the school year.  This was obviously my contribution this week.
My brother’s was burgers.  Made with some of the extra Sofregit, then wrapped in bacon.  My parents said that they were some of the best burgers they’ve ever had.  So, if you’ve got any left over Sofregit, try it, and stay tuned, I’ll have a post up (and recipe) in a couple of days about them.
Have an awesome day,
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