Daring Cooks: Pho with Jaden

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on October 14, 2009

This month was a special month with the Daring Cooks. You see, we had a guest host. Someone who isn’t a Daring Cook. That person is Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen fame. I’m sure you’ve seen her around, either on TV (some places in the States), in a newspaper (Tampa Tribune), or of course her blog. There is also the matter of her cookbook. It just came out. And, we’ve already cooked a recipe from it! That would be this one.

The October Daring Cooks’ challenge was brought to us by Jaden of the blog Steamy Kitchen. The recipes are from her new cookbook, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook.

The Daring Cooks also held a lovely conference call. I got to be in that, which was very cool! Jaden talked about her experience as a blogger plus writer plus TV personality plus twitterer plus cookbook writer plus photographer. It was really interesting, and I have about 15 post-it notes worth of notes to prove it. Definitely got me thinking =D.
Anyways, this challenge was to make Pho (you say it fuh?). I chose to make the basic chicken Pho recipe, from the cookbook (we could also do other meats, or a looong version =D). It was good. Definitely one to make again.
So, as always, it is time for the pictures!
My first chunk of ginger – ever. Isn’t it a lovely claw?
Mmm – Charring up the onion. Look at that steam!
Here’s the soup, as it slowly comes to a boil.
All of the fixings…
And it all together. Its like an Asian Chicken noodle soup. A couple of different flavours, but great regardless. Plus, its naturally GF – save for the Hoisin sauce (obviously I didn’t put that in).
Yum. Hope you all have an awesome week. I just hope that its nice and warm, or there will be lots of hot chocolate after school today =D.
PS – The second part of this challenge was dessert wontons. I haven’t made them yet – There’s a 3 page essay on poetry that must be finished first =D. However, I’m going to make them ASAP, and will hopefully have a post up by the weekend! See you back here soon!
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