Daring Cooks: Dumplings

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on June 14, 2009

This was a fun challenge =D.  I enjoyed making these, but they took a really long time.  At least a couple of hours of just folding up dumplings.  All by myself…  If I make these again, I will definitely make these with someone.  Somehow sitting in a chair folding for a very long time looses its excitement after awhile.  Shocking.  Anyways, once I finished and cooked these, they were okay.  My mom loved them, but I found that the gnocchi was better.  In case you were wondering, I made dumplings with a potato, cheese and onion filling.  I figured that making them that way would guarantee that my whole family would like them.  And, it did.  My brother and dad liked them as well as my mom and I.
Without further adieu, here are the photos:

First off, the onions carmelize…
And the potatoes boil (then get mashed)

It all gets mixed together with the cheese…
And with a dash of movie magic, it gets enveloped by a dumpling wrapper, or two.

Into the pan.  Cook! Cook! Cook!

All done, yum =D.
Thanks to Jen at use real butter for the challenge, and to Jill Elise for the wrapper recipe I used =D.
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