Daring Cooks: Cod with Powdered Flavours

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on July 14, 2009

This challenge I sort of pumped out last minute.  Being summer, the days sort of just disappeared in front of me, and then I had to get ready to go on vacation.  I’m likely not in range of a computer as you read this.  However, I’m glad I did this challenge.  Essentially what we had to do was poach Skate (a water animal semi-like a sting ray) wings in a butter emulsion.  As Skate was not to be found, I opted for Cod, which was very good.  The second part was to make traditional flavours powdered.  That was interesting, and although some of the ones I made weren’t my favourites (too sweet!), I’m very glad I tried it.   

Thanks to Sketchy for this challenge =D!!

Brown the powdered milk…
Toast the coconut…
Dehydrate the onions in the microwave…
Slice up the lemon zest…
And chop the green beans =D.
Aren’t they pretty?

Don’t forget the butter!!
Then boil the beans…
And make it all look pretty (after the fish is cooked, of course)
Yum.  The powders are all heaped on the side – Carrot, Lemon, Coconut, “brown butter” and onion.  Nice and simple.
After trying the regular version (and eating his beans), my brother chose to make his own, more savoury version.  Sounds good to me =D.
Try this, its fun.  Plus, you get to make the flavours match your tastes (dried spices work beautifully, as do homemade extravagant ones =D).
PS.  If your comments don’t show, Don’t worry, once I have computer access, I will get to them!! 
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