by Lauren | Celiac Teen on September 12, 2009

So, awhile ago, I was contacted by the publicist for the Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook, offering to send me one to try out. Who, me? Yeah, it kind of caught me off guard (in a good way though). When I received the copy a couple of weeks later, I read through the book very quickly. Although its not my new go-to cookbook, it does have some great recipes =D.
I found the book to be different from all of my other cookbooks, and I couldn’t quite figure out why for the first while. Then, I realized that there wasn’t a breakfast section of the cookbook. Not that thats a bad thing, but it initially struck me as odd. Typically, the pancakes and other breakfast foods are where I look first, then to the desserts, of course =D.

The other issue I had with this book is that so many of the recipes call for prepackaged ingredients. It’s not that I have anything against using mixes and whatnot, in fact, I enjoy using them and the ease they allow. My issue is when the mixes aren’t available, or are expensive. Some of the recipes I was most excited to try required a flour mix that I had never heard of and cannot get in Canada, and it appears only to be available in select locations across the states. Yes, you can order online, but that tends to balloon the price. It is only a flour mix…
Lastly, a lot of the portions are very large. Like 4 dozen cookies or a 9 by 13 inch cake. Once again, this isn’t a bad thing, but it makes it harder to eat the sweets in moderation, when making it only for a small number of people.
With that said, the first and last sections of the book were incredibly informative, especially for those new with the diet. In the basics section, the author explains all of the well, basics of gluten free living. From types of flours and starches, to other great information on kitchen equipment and basic skills. The final chapter is his perspective on eating out, from college food to restaurant dining.
I’ll let the food tell the rest of the story.
Although I’ve been dragging my heels about posting this, and the summer flew by fairly quickly, I have tried a handful of the recipes.
The first recipe I made was the Blueberry Coffee Cake. It was good, but a bit too sugary for my tastes (especially breakfast).
The second thing I made was the Cornmeal Encrusted Catfish (I used Cod). These are delicious. Reminiscent of fish sticks, but worlds better.
Next, for a dinner party, I made these two pies. Above is the Blastberry Pie, and all I can say is yum. It is absolutely delicious.
The second pie was this Key Lime pie, which is also delicious. The friends we had over that night asked for the recipe =D.
Obviously, there are many more recipes in the book, but from what I’ve tried, it seems to be a pretty good one. In my mind, many of the dishes are traditional American, and I know many people will enjoy the recipes it has to offer =D.
Have a great day,

[Full Disclosure: The publishers of this cookbook sent it to me to try out, with no obligation involved.  They hoped that I would review it here, and I gave you my honest opinion about this book.]

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