by Lauren | Celiac Teen on February 3, 2009

I always like to change up the flavours of my foods.  When I am having a snack, I like to play around with things.  If I’m having something with nuts, I’ll change up the nut from time to time.  If I’m having yogurt, I’ll switch flavours now and then.  Basically, I like variety.  It’s good.  It’s always changing.

Some of my current favourite changables include:

 – Apples.  I’ve been eating so many lately.  Like at least 2 a day.  One for lunch, and one for an after school snack.  The one I have at lunch, I’ll eat plain.  Being fruit, that totally rocks =D.  However, after school I like to add a bit of extra without having to eat anything else.  Lately I’ve been doing that with nut butters.  Currently in my fridge, I have Almond Butter, Cashew Butter and Peanut Butter.  I’ve also had Nutella.  Basically I get some variety from day to day, so it doesn’t seem like a boring snack, but a yummy concoction.
 – Yogurt.  I like vanilla.  But I also like raspberry.  And it’s fun to make my own flavours =D!  Lately I’ve been really into vanilla, but I’ve also done other things.  Like cinnamon.  Add a bit (depends on your preference as to how much) to your vanilla yogurt.  Now, you’ve got a whole new option!  And, you can always add fresh fruit to your yogurt.  Thats always good.  
 – Pizza.  No surprise here =D!  Try something slightly different.  Maybe add some tomato or red pepper or meat or anything!  With pizza, the possibilities are truly endless.  Also, you don’t have to go drastic to change your pizza, maybe use a different sauce or a different shell, or even just add a spice!  Just have some fun with it.
Most importantly, never stop trying new things.  It can’t hurt to try a taste you thought you didn’t like.  I, for example, recently discovered that I actually do like shrimp.  Who would have thought?  I sure didn’t.  How I figured out that I like it is because this time it was cooked a different way.  Sometimes the slightest alterations can make things amazing (or not).  Oh, and if you’re not sure about something, I find it best to do it at home.  Why bother with peer pressure (or even cross-contamination)?  Just try it =D!
Enjoy some new foods,
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