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by Lauren | Celiac Teen on March 22, 2009

Sooo, it’s been awhile.  You could say that.  Or you could say that it has been a longlonglonglonglong time.  That’s what I think.  Anyways, things have been crazy.  I’ve crashed, very hard, and I have gotten really really good, then crashed again.  I had an ear infection and grew, which means dizzyness, overtiredness and lots more…

Life has been relatively good.  When I felt bad this month, it was really bad, but when anything good happened, I got big boosts and I’ve felt so much better.  Happier, more involved and then I’d crash because one night I stayed up a little late.  Okay, so maybe it was more than that, but that was the last straw in my crash.  

In the middle there, when I felt great, I really felt great.  Mom even mentioned that I had been dancing around the kitchen.  I used to dance a lot, so that always means that I feel good =D.  I’ve also been trying out new things, and thinking about my clothes again.  Everything had been good, and in a few days, I’ll be there again!  
About the whole crashing thing, I’m pretty sure it’s based on growth.  My body just gets thrown off with the change.  I want to be tall, but I don’t like this part of it all…  Anyways, I think that I finally may be becoming normalish, hopefully as soon as the whole growth aspect is finished, I will be as good as new =D!
Food-wise, everything has been really good.  Mom has been making lots of baked goods, all of which I have forgotten to photograph…  They’ve all been really good.  Also, I have noticed that in the stores, they are prepping for Passover.  While I am not Jewish, I’m excited for this because a lot of it is gluten free!!  We bought a few things, so I’ll have to let you know how they are =D.  
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