Canada Day!

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on July 3, 2009

I hope that you all had a lovely, awesome Canada Day!!  Personally, I had a leisurely morning of French Toast and family, followed by Transformers : Rise of the Fallen with a friend.  With all of the July Forth Preperation posts popping up around the net, I thought that I should say a little something about Canada Day.  

I’m fairly certain that every Canadian has a different tradition or ritual or something on this day.  Some people do barbeques, others have a lazy day with their family.  Some have parties, some go to work, but I’m sure that most of us think about what it means to be a Canadian.  And what Canada means as a whole.  Or at least thats what I do =D. 

To me, being a Canadian is about being yourself, while always respecting those around you.  I believe a large aspect of our culture is our multiculturalism, and the acceptance we have for other cultures.  Yet, while acknowledging the various cultures around us, I personally don’t let those cultures define who I am or who anyone else is, unless they choose to do so.  I believe in a positive society with communities that are communities, not just wherever you happen to live.  Canada is a place of hope, graditude and people.  I know that we often fall behind the shadow of the States, but I believe that not having those expectations allows us to evolve as a county.
Although I have yet to travel the world (to the extent I would like) I know that Canadians are respected in most areas of the world.  In my experience, when we visit a new place, we try to adapt to their customs while we are there, as it is not ours to take advantage of, but theirs to share with us (if they choose to do so).  
Canada as a whole is a beautiful place.  If you have not seen it, I encourage you to do so.  (Although I have not seen the movie, I have heard that One Week showcases the beautiful scenes throughout our country)  We have mountains, lakes, rivers, prairies, beaches, snow, sun, trees and much more.  Every one of our seasons is different, and they vary throughout the country, and provinces, and cities.  I think that this year I am going to do my best to see and really explore the parts of Canada I happen to be in.  Regardless of where you are, finding new treasures and locations are always a beautiful thing, and Canada has one of the most amazing landscapes.
Anyways, have a wonderful day,
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