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by Lauren | Celiac Teen on August 11, 2009

How is your Monday going? I’m just hanging around the house, quietly wishing school would start sooner. I know – its school, you have to do work and all, but really, I’ve always been a school kid. For goodness sakes, I love my math, sciences, english and social… Maybe not so much gym, considering thats involved too much sitting out, over exertion and crashing afterwards, but you get where I’m going. Also, school means friends, and seeing them often, not just for a couple hours every few weeks. Not to mention school means back to school clothes, and how can you miss out on that?

However, I am enjoying my summer as much as possible, doing all the necessary (and oh so lovable) challenges, exercising, hanging out with friends and of course, updating this!

Yesterday I got myself an award =D, Thanks Amy! And, because its never fun alone, I get to share the wealth with 13 (yes 13) of my favourite, lovely blogs. So here’s to you, and all the wonderful blogs you write (and read).
Marlow of Gluten Hates Me
Jill Elise of Hey That Tastes Good!
Audax of Audax Artifex
Natalie of Gluten A Go Go
All of you have wonderful blogs that I enjoy reading, thanks for writing them! Also, don’t forget to pass it on to 13 blogs you enjoy =D.
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