The Big One

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on January 31, 2009


One year ago today, I discovered that I have Celiac Disease.  Yes =D.  It has been an entire year.  It started off interesting, to say the least, but with my family and my friends, it wasn’t such a big deal anymore.
In fact now I’m barely bothered my gluten-eating.  Unless… it’s in my house.  On the counters.  Not cleaned up.  That would be what really annoys me, because home is the one place I *like to* not have to think about gluten being there.  It’s my safe place, but when there are crumbs, I get nervous.  But thats okay, considering that’s my only bad thing =D.
Life is good.  I’m a thousand times healthier than I was a year ago.  I can breathe better, think clearer, and boy have I grown.  Up.  Lots.  My hair, nails, toenails, they’re all better.  Honestly, I’m just better.  And so much happier.  Having your life and health back can do that =D.

I’ve always been a positive thinker, but being able to go to school and spend time with my friends is amazing.  I don’t think that I ever realized how much the days all rolled into one, when I was sick.  I wasn’t depressed by any means, I just didn’t have the energy to do anything.  But now I’m slowly getting it back.  From full days of school to full weeks to full months, it’s been a huge improvement.
Oh, and has the food ever been good.  A lot better than I expected in the very beginning.  At first, I would eat whatever said gluten free on it.  Thats a good place to start, but now that I’ve been getting into health mode, I’ve been finding the good, healthy, yummy stuff.  Yeah.  Thats the fun part. 
Gluten free products can fall into 2 categories, imitations of old favourites, that often are devoid of nutrients, and health foods that happen to be gluten free.  Not that there aren’t any exceptions, no no.  It’s just finding the ones that taste amazing and are healthy that is the key.  And you can always make them your self!  Thats always fun =D!
So all in all, I’d say that being gluten free isn’t difficult.  I’m not saying that it’s always easy, it’s just not really hard.  In fact, I kind of like it.  I feel better (for the most part) and I eat healthier, and the food is good =D.
So here’s to another wonderful year, gluten free of course!
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