2009: Glancing Back

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on December 31, 2009

This past year has been amazing.  Life has been breathed into my veins more firmly than in recent years.  I’ve discovered how much I love food and how much I know about it.  I’ve made friends, had fun, and learned a lot about myself.  There have been ups and downs, in both health and food.  I’ve joined twitter, facebook, foodbuzz (just the other day, in fact!), and loved every minute of it.  There have been many recipe group-type things, most significantly the Daring Bakers and the newly incarnated Daring Cooks.

It was about August that I started really blogging.  Not just health updates and here and there, but focusing on food and learning how flours work together.  How gluten free doesn’t have to mean giving up anything.  How food has endless possibilities.

I know lots of people are doing lists, but I thought I’d share my Top 10 of 2009.  Recipes, that is.  These are the ones I’ve made the most, loved the most, enjoyed the most.  They are in no particular order and the size of their photo is just how that fit together, because I love them all =D.  Hope you enjoy!

Glorious Grain Muffins.  They are simply delicious.  We make them on an almost weekly basis, and all twelve always disappear in a hurry.  Also, they are filled to the rim with healthy grains!

Cinnamon Scones They’re cinnamony, yummy and pretty simple.  They are regulars in my house and are perfect at any time of day!

Pumpkin Cupcakes They’re pumpkin-y and yummy.  We had them for Thanksgiving instead of a pumpkin pie, and they went well!  Oh, and its got a maple cream cheese icing.  I might have eaten the leftovers of that straight out of the bowl (good thing it made a lot!).

Surprise Corn Muffins These are fun.  You see, hidden inside this corn muffin is a delicious surprise.  I’m not going to tell you what lies within, but if you’re curious, go check it out!

Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake Bars Inspired by a friend‘s glutenous version of these, I set out to make these not only gluten-free, but grain-free!  They turned out beautifully and I love their simultaneous lightness and richness.

3-Minute Pumpkin Cake I spent a lot of time coming up with these.  Its my incarnation of the microwave chocolate cake and I love it to bits!

Quinoa Flake Pancakes and Waffles These were also inspired by a friend.  They use one of my favourite foods – quinoa flakes – as a base, and have a richer more interesting taste!  I ate these for breakfast for a solid week.  They also reheat beautifully in the microwave!

Lavash Ever wondered about making your own crackers?  Try these.  They were originally a Daring Bakers challenge, but I updated the recipe using whole grains, so you get to take your pick!  They are also not too difficult to make, just rise, roll out and bake!

Baking Powder Biscuits These get made often.  They work wonderfully on top of a pot pie or just on their own!

Cranberry Loaf Yes, its a newbie, but its also a goodie.  Leftover cranberry sauce makes the base of this light loaf!

2009 was a good year.  One of the best I’ve had in a few years.  I’ve had some energy, I’ve made lots of amazing food, and I cannot wait for 2010.  More on that later!


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