Some Thoughts, and Hot Chocolate!

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on December 10, 2008

So you could say that it’s been awhile.  OK, so maybe thats an understatement, but, I am super happy to say that it is not without reason.  First off, I’ve been feeling normal enough to get back(or attempt to return to) pre-sick life, in a new form, of course.  Secondly, I got a big kink in that plan.

Yup, I got the flu.  Not the puking, head over toilet flu, but the achey, chills, fever, dizzy, and oh-so-tired flu.  Not so fun.  It reminded me of bad times with my thyroid, but this only took a week instead of months.  But it did take a whole week…  Oh well, I’m better now, and thats good =D.

Also, it’s almost Christmas.  There are barely 2 weeks of school left.  It’s crazy, and exciting.  The other day, mom got out the christmas tree, and the house is quickly becoming filled with christmas things.  All I want christmas-related right now is hot chocolate.  The mixes can be pretty difficult to tell if they are GF or not, but sometimes the simplest stuff works the best =D.
For me, that means that hot chocolate is made from a few select things:
 *Milk (and maybe some powdered milk if you want a more milk chocolate flavour)
 *Boiling water
Mix the first three parts together, in the quantities you want for your desired flavour, and once there are no lumps, you add the water, stir, and Voila.  You have hot chocolate.
Note – Be careful with the cocoa, as it is very strong, and easy to over do in the beginning.  You can always add more after =D. 
Also, if you want a quick and easy version, you can always pre-mix the dry ingredients, and store them so you can make a hot chocolate whenever you like, very quickly.
Thats all for today, and I will try to post more than I have been =D,
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