PVR Problems

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on May 22, 2008

Ugh.  I am mad at my PVR/DVR/whatever you call the stupid thing.  Tonight, I recorded the season finale of American Idol, which I just watched.  Don’t worry, I wont spoil anything, for I don’t know who won.  By 2 seconds.  I swear my TV stopped recording after The winner of American Idol… Season 7… 2008… is… STOP.  WOULD YOU LIKE TO DELETE THIS PROGRAM? YES/NO.  Ugh.  This is silly.  I watched 2 stinking hours of American Idol, only NOT to find out who won.  I know I recorded the show at the earliest time, but COME ON, Why should I miss out?  I know that I didn’t watch it on the channel, but on the recorded version, but why should that matter?  I swear, I missed like a minute tops.  I’m done my rant.  I’m gonna go find out who won.  (Soon I will say congrats to whomever won, I liked them both, but I DID want to know WHO was the winner.  So Congratulations to David B (since b is the letter in the middle))  Anyways… I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully happy like normal.


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