by Lauren | Celiac Teen on November 5, 2008

Yes, I’m sure that everyone knows that Obama will become the president.  It’s been interesting to see what happens in the states, as their system is so very different from my own.  

We have seats that we elect.  The people that are elected into these seats can be from one of many parties, with the main ones being Liberals and Conservative.  Then, only in Quebec, there is the Bloc Quebecois.  Then, there is the NDP, and some minor ones that have yet to get seats (and, of course there are also independents).  Anyways, what happens is we elect someone into the seat in our riding.  Then, the party that has the most seats becomes in charge.  That party’s leader, (as chosen by the members of the party) becomes the Prime Minister.  
Then, the party with the second most amount of seats becomes the opposition.  Then, all together, they run our country for the next four (or less) years, until the PM goes to the Governor General and calls an election.  The Governor General is the Queen’s representative in Canada.  They are not elected, but appointed.

Now I may not be right with all of this, but the idea is still the same =D.
The American government system confuses me a bit.  I think… that each state has a certain number of “votes” and the candidate either gets all or none of those.  Then the totals are added up, and a winner is chosen.  Oh, and to me at least, it seems like americans vote on everything.  Each proposal that the government can’t decide, they make the people choose.  I don’t know if thats a good or bad thing.  Anyways, congrats to Obama.  I hope that he really makes a difference (more than he already has), and helps to save that economy.  After all, basically every economy in the world is connected to the American one, and while it may not be as bad in other parts of the world, it is definitely not perfect.
So.  Yeah, thats about it.
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