Mandarin Oranges

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on November 22, 2008

Yup.  It’s almost Christmas.  Like a month and a week.  Whoa.  That’s soon.  Whoa.  Ok, anyways, the big beautiful boxes of mandarin oranges are out.  Is it weird that when I think of those tiny juicy amazing oranges, that I think of winter, when they are such a summery tasting fruit?  Maybe that is why they are absolutely perfect for this time of year.  They have soft peels that make them easy to open with frozen fingers, and they made the freezing cold days not so freezing.  Their bright colour and fresh taste make them perfect for the winter, simply because they remind us that the cold does in fact go away. (Not that winter is bad or anything =D)

Oh, and best of all, I don’t even have to worry about them being gluten free or not.  They are a nice, healthy fruit, one that gives us vitamin C to fight off evil colds during our beautiful snow-covered months.  

They are the christmas oranges.  At least to me, they are the epitome of this time of year, and the months to follow.  They even come all wrapped up in a box, and with tissue-type paper on each one (it used to always be green, but now they seem to be white…).  Oh, and of course, once you unwrap it, you get a nice little treat that you can eat as quickly or as slow as you like.
Enjoy these little gifts every day!
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