Labeling Laws.

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on June 16, 2008

Hi, Today I was reading Allergic Girl, and she mentioned this:

From Gwen Smith, Editor, Allergic Living magazine

For years, the food allergy community in Canada has lobbied and waited for legislation that would require all food package labels to clearly and thoroughly list the top 10 priority allergens among ingredients.

The good news is that new regulations that would bring far greater clarity to the wording on food labels are ready. The bad news: they’ve been ready for two years and have yet to become law.

In the hopes making the allergen label law a priority for the federal government, Allergic Livingmagazine has launched an online letter-writing campaign to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Read the letter and about the issue at (Click the green box in the upper right corner.)

If you are a Canadian concerned about the health and safety of those living with food allergies and celiac disease, take a moment to e-mail the letter to the Prime Minister. The more letters he gets, the greater the chance the legislation will pass.

Please make your voice heard. Thank you for your support.

After reading that, I sent an email to the Prime Minister through their form.  I know that automized letters like this don’t always get heard, but if he gets thousands in his inbox, maybe someone will listen, and things will be a little easier.
So, if you are Canadian, speak up.  There is no reason to stay quiet when we are going to have this disease for the rest of our lives.  Why not do this tiny little thing to make it easier?
Anyways, hope you add to the list,
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M-Elle April 13, 2010 at 5:27 pm

here, here!!! I sent mine off on the weekend, but haven’t posted on my blog yet.

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