I need Help! Now!

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on June 26, 2008

Ok, so I’m guessing that my title gives it away, I need help.  Right now.  You see, tomorrow, I am going with some friends to a theme park.  We will probably spend most, if not all of our day there (with a late start of course, we ARE teenagers and we really need our beauty sleeps =D).  With that said, I’m not sure what to do about food.  I have never been to this particular park before, and would love any suggestions!  Of course, all of my friends that I am going with are allergy free, so I’m kind of alone in the confusing food department.   Anyways, I really need to know your suggestions soon (sorry for the late notice, but we just made the final plans today!).  

So, I figure that I can get water there, but I’m not exactly sure about anything else, maybe some junk food, but thats about all.

Please Comment on this post with any suggestions (gluten free, of course)!!
Thanks for your help,
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