Hello September!

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on September 1, 2008

Man.  September already?  I thought that August just started.  I guess it’s over.  But this is not about endings.  It is about beginnings.  Endings are things we dwell on.  Beginnings are exciting and nerve-wracking and joyful.  They kick us in the butt and get us going.  At least September does.  For me…

September is… Well what is September?

I think shorts and jeans.  Sweaters and tank tops.  Weather that isn’t one way or another.  Not quite summer, but not quite fall and changing leaves.  It’s the beginning of a new school year.  We get to be a new person every September.  Or at least something changes each one.  September is smiles and “I missed you”s.  September is Oh my Goodness, what’s going on?  September is Change.  A great beautiful happy reunion excited nervous and amazing month.  
At least, thats what September is to me.  The only question now, is what is September to you?
It could be anything.  I’d like to know =D.
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