Happy Canada Day!

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on July 2, 2008

So Yesterday used to technically be called Dominion Day (as in the day Canada became a dominion), but since the 1950’s, it’s been called Canada Day (as Canada is now called ‘Canada’, not the ‘Dominion of Canada’).  Pretty much because it’s our birthday.  This year, Canada officially turns 141.  No, we’re not a very old country, but by no stretch of the imagination are we a young country, after all, no one that was born or alive during that time is around today.  And no one could be (unless their body is preserved or something).    


With that said, last night we had a really nice dinner which included, as red firetruck calls them “Potato skin bruschetta with walnuts and cheese” and citrus glazed ribs.  Then, for dessert, I made Red Velvet Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Icing, modified to be gluten free of course.
Anyways, I thought that since this is Canada Day, and I happened to find this list of our (Canada’s) 100 favourite things, here are the top 10!
10. Tim Horton’s – from Tea to Coffee to a whole ton of things I can’t eat (Douhgnuts, Timbits, Cake, Cookies, etc…)
9. Canadian Rocky Mountains – It explains itself.  Beautiful views, winter, summer, *almost* untouched, just beautiful.
8. Fresh Water – Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Ponds, Drinking Water… What more do you need?
7. Hockey – From watching “Hockey Night in Canada” on CBC, to playing it at the local rink, it’s an essential part of Canadian culture… Sadly, we only have six (awesome!!) teams in the NHL.
6. Health Care – This one might have saved my life, literally.  Free health care by good professionals is huge.  (I really feel sorry for those that don’t have this, it is truly wonderful)
5. Freedom – Speech, Religion, Peaceful Assembly, Association, Press.  We have so many wonderful freedoms.  They allow us to be who we are.
4. Seasons – Canada has 4 distinct seasons.  They change.  The weather can jump around when it wants to, and as they say give us something to talk about.
3. Character (the Canadian one) – We are friendly, kind, warm, polite, generous, forgiving, caring, humble, honest, curious, open-minded, forgiving… did I miss anything??
2.  Our Landscape – Oh so diverse.  Green, red, brown, any colour you wish.  Oceans, mountains, hills, all of it!
1. Multiculturalism – We are such a diverse country, this list called us a patchwork quilt, which is completely true.  You look somewhere else, and you have a whole new landscape/culture/food, everything.  We are not one ethnicity, we do not have one landscape, we change from street to street, town to town, city to city, province to province, but we are still Canada, and that in itself is enough.
Yeah, so Canada is pretty great.
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