Celimix Bread Mix

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on June 18, 2008

Hmm… I have been waiting a long time to show you this one. It is one of my favorite favorites. Seriously, the best bread mix ever. Maybe I don’t have a lot of bread mixes that I’ve tried, but I was lucky enough to find this one pretty early on. With that said, Celimix White Bread mix is one of the best. I’m not sure if they have it outside of Canada (it’s made by Nelson David of Canada), but according to various sources, they have been around since 1964. For a company with gluten free food, that is pretty early.

Anyways… This is a super easy mix.  It comes in a big bag, with like 10 (or was it 6?) amounts for bread.  I mean that the bag has enough to make 10/6 loaves of bread, I don’t remember which.  The instructions are really simple.  You pretty much put in the liquids (egg, water, milk, oil), then the Mix and sugar, then the yeast on top.  This is for a bread machine.  The bag does come with instructions to make it without one (as well as with one), but since I have one, I use it, and I find it easier.  As I was saying… I often add in extra things.  I have tried it with various seeds, flax, and stuff like that, but my all-time favorite, is quinoa.  Quinoa makes the bread have much more protein, and I feel that it adds to the texture and longevity of the bread.  I would suggest, if you make this bread to add at least quinoa (a handful or so), if not some seeds as well, to the bread.

What it’s like:
A somewhat light (for GF bread), almost spongey bread.
Why I love it:
It’s SO versatile, and easy to make.  I put it in my bread machine, stir it once or twice, pull out the paddle, then forget about it for 2 or so hours.  Don’t forget to use a Gluten Free cycle!!
What it’s free of:
Besides Gluten, I’m not really sure, I don’t have the bag, because we store ours in a plastic container, and they don’t seem to have a website…
Thats all the info I’ve got, but if your local grocery store has this mix, I highly recomend it.  Especially if you have a bread machine.  If you don’t, I recomend getting one with a GF cycle, like Cuisinart.  Can you guess what kind I have??
Enjoy the bread,

[Edit: I bought this product, it was not sent to me nor was I asked to review it for any sort of compensation.]

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