Fashion Find: Marc by Marc Jacobs Clover Dress

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on April 30, 2008

As I mentioned before, I love fashion. It is one of the most amazing types of art. Art and beauty is everywhere, and I think that what some people can turn a piece of fabric into, is one of the most pure and simple versions of art. We need to wear clothes for many reasons, and wearing a true piece of art is a beautiful feeling. With that said…Here is a gorgeous (and gluten free, i think) design.
photo via here.

This is a Clover Print Dress created by Marc by Marc Jacobs. I think that Marc Jacobs is an amazing designer, not just because of this dress. He has 2 full clothing lines bearing his name. The other one is the Marc Jacobs Collection. Not only does he do his own lines, but I believe that he is the creative director for Louis Vuitton. Now maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot, but that is 3 collections that he has imput and influence over about twice a year. 6 collections every year, with each season’s due at the same time. That is amazing, especially considering how many pieces are in each of the collections. Anyways…hope you like this dress.
For now at least, I think that I will stick to posting about luxury fashion, not so much buying it.
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