by Lauren | Celiac Teen on November 6, 2008

to the good stuff.  Food that is.  You see, I feel like I’ve been so incredibly out of touch with this blog in the past month, that I really need to refocus on here.  I’m not saying that I’m going to be posting every day.  No, I doubt that.  I just want the days that I do post to be about food and celiac and books and fashion.  Not politics or a quote-unquote milestone.  Not that those are bad things.  No, they’re important and good things to remember.  But I want to get back to the fun stuff.  

For me, that means leaving the camera in the kitchen.  That means finding something to bake in my spare time.  Not just watching TV and playing online.  That stuff is pointless.  Making food, filling my house and body with good food is what it’s about.  For me at least.

So.  I’m going to do my best to make or think about food or at least something good for this blog, all the time.  I’m in a bit of a rut here.  I just need to get out of it.  After all, this is one thing that is all mine.  It’s something that I can do whatever I want with.  So, I’m going to do good things with it.  Re-starting now. =D
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