Adopt A Gluten Free Blogger: GF Mommy

by Lauren | Celiac Teen on July 3, 2008

This month, I decided to try a whole ton of new things, blog related. One of them, is Sea‘s Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger event, this month hosted by Sea herself. I figure, why not? It is summer, so I have more than a little bit of spare time on my hands. Anyways, for this event, this month, I adopted Gluten Free Mommy.Ever from the start of my gluten free adventure, I have loved to read Natalie, the Gluten Free Mommy‘s blog. She lets you know a bit about her life, then provides us with an amazing recipe. So far, I have only made a few of her recipes, but they have all turned out wonderfully! When she’s not giving us recipes, she does the Gluten Free Menu Swap, often hosting it herself!

One of Natalie’s recipes that I made recently was her un-Birthday Cupcakes. They were amazing. Dad & my brother each had 3 for dessert the first night. Good thing the recipe made about 18-20, other wise they would have been gone after one meal. Topped with my staple icing recipe (the one on the back of the Roger’s Icing Sugar bag), these were perfect little chocolate cupcakes. Devil’s Food to be more precise. Yum. That’s the best way to describe them.

Yeah, they were good, really good. Mmmm… Natalie always makes really great recipes, I just need to try some more!!

Enjoy this, and all of the other adoptions,


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